Smooth Operator

Merry Christmas everyone. I suppose you’ve all been missing your weekly updates. Well, I’ve been missing my sanity and sitting on my couch. So, we’re all disappointed. 🙂

December always brings lots of activity, what with the shopping and wrapping and baking and general over indulgence. However, this year we added Christmas parties, birthday parties and weddings to the list of things that we wanted to cram into one month. Oh yes, and we’re still finishing drywall.

I say we, but ultimately, I’m still just the tool washer. Drywall is messy business and even more so without running water! There has been some sanding going on so we feel good about paint soon! The husband is glad to hear the word paint, because that’s my thing. The father (who is my dad), has a paint spray gun that he is going to loan us. I’m looking forward to trying that out for primer and the bedrooms. In the living and dining rooms, I won’t be able to spray due to the half wood walls. (Which, P.S, by-the-way, I put poly on last weekend.)

So now on to the wild life! We saw a few deer on Saturday morning, but no elk. On Sunday afternoon a flock of seagulls turkey came through the back yard. They were some big boys! (Note: I don’t actually know that they were boys. I looked up how to tell. Males [Called Jakes. Girls are called Jennies!] have brightly colored heads, which I didn’t find clarified anything for me. Also, evidently all turkeys have a snood [the red dangling thing].

As with the past few weeks, I didn’t see any elk until we were headed out of town! They’re even more fuzzy now than just a few weeks ago!

Winter White

All Fall long we rave about the elk viewing and the bugling and the bulls…oh my!  But the truth is that elk viewing in Benezette is far more impressive in the winter months than any other time of year.  In the winter the elk gather in large herds in sunny fields to catch some rays.

The Internet tells me that they also move to ‘the low ground’ for protection from the wind.  We have, however, seen large herds (we’re talking 100 elk at a time here people!) all over Benezette in the colder months.

With the crazy weather we’ve had already this year, it seems the herds are starting early.  I’ve seen pictures on Facebook and Instagram showing more than 100 elk gathered up in Benezette already!  Plus!  I’ve seen them myself a few times already this year!

I went back through some old pictures and found a few with big groups.

I’ll share as many pictures as I can in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out this video from a few weeks ago!  The husband caught bugling and elk digging for yummy grass below this early layer of snow!


Let’s Review the Tape

I know. You didn’t get an update on last weekend’s cabin progress. Sorry. The short week and the holiday made my schedule difficult. Here’s what you missed. The husband started finishing drywall.


Now. Onto this weekend. The husband finished more drywall. I put more poly on the interior doors. I also helped clean the drywall tools. Yuck.

Turns out that there really is an art to hanging the drywall tape and applying the right amount of mud.  Our friend (shout out to William Anderson & Co. Construction!) lent the husband a bunch of tools and we stopped at Lowe’s to pick up a few more.  One of them, a Banjo, is as much fun as it sounds!  You fill it with tape and mud to run along the seams and then smooth it out.

We had to winterize our camper, too. The low on Friday was 9 degrees. On Saturday, the high was 30. I assume it was too cold for the wild life to go out as we only had a lone deer stop by to say hello.


But wait! On our way out of Benezette on Sunday afternoon, we ran into quite a herd of elk!  They’re so fluffy and dark already with their winter coats!


Step by Step

Ohhhhh Baby…

Step one – we made more progress with more polyurethane this weekend.  We got multiple coats on the interior doors.  They look great now, so I think they’re going to be awesome when they’re hung.

The husband added some steps to the porches and got some additional outside electrical work done.  It poured buckets most of Saturday, so the ground was too wet to fire up the skid steer. Leveling out some dirt piles is on the to-do list now.

There were some elk across the street when we arrived in Benezette on Friday afternoon.  I’m surprised to still see bulls running with a small harem, especially with elk hunting season beginning tomorrow.  Oh!  Also, I put a cute little pumpkin on the porch.  We’re festive at In The Sticks Cabins!

Have a good week and don’t forget to get out there and vote on Tuesday!