Workin’ for a Livin’

Spring has sprung in Benezette and our cabin will be ready to rent soon!

It was recently brought to my attention that our marketing department (yeah, that’s me. sigh.) has been slacking on keeping you updated on our sweet Benezette cabin progress!

Some of the progress we’ve made is unsexy, so to speak. For example, the husband installed the water pump system and hot water heater. It’s a couple metal cylinders jammed in a closet. I didn’t think that’d be the kind of thing you were into.

There have been some AWESOME things though! The trim looks incredible, the bathroom title is amazing. The kitchen is ready for appliances and the counters look great and were easy to install. Check it out!

I haven’t gotten any great elk photos lately, but they’ve been around the neighborhood quite a bit. I was digging through the camera and found a few photos from March that I didn’t get to share with you (seriously, I don’t know where March went. It’s almost May!)

We’ve seen a lot of birds, including turkey and a woodpecker! The apple trees are starting to blossom too! We’re picking up 6 more trees tomorrow, so they’ll be planted this weekend!

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