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Our official cabin business this week was not so cabin business focused.

We’ve known about the Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous in Ridgeway for several years, but have never made the journey from Benezette. Boy, were we missing out! There were more than 60 talented chainsaw carvers who were selling their art and demonstrating their talent. It was incredible to see how many saws of varying sizes they had on hand to complete their projects. Dennis Beach carved the beauty in the header photo, you can see some pictures of the process on his FaceBook page. He won the People’s Choice Award, for good reason!

I met Gary Insprucker who had traveled all the way from Indiana (the state, not the town in PA) to exhibit at this show. He had made some of the most awesome trees (from trees!) that were on display. He doesn’t have a website, you’ll have to go next year to check out his work! These two beauties came home with me!

Holy Bull Elk carved out of wood Batman!

The husband and I also went looking for elk, since none of them were nice enough to show up in the neighborhood. We were NOT disappointed by our trips. We found a big bachelor group of bulls who already have some pretty big antler bumps growing in. I have an old information sheet from the PA Game Commission that says their antlers will grow half an inch per day until fall! There was also a sweet little baby who is so fluffy!

We planted six more apple trees, so I’ll get some pics of those for you. And – we did some work in the bathroom this weekend too. Check out those drawer pulls! They’re antlers!

The toilet is one of those fancy push button types. It’s supposed to be low maintenance and very water efficient. We’ll see!

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