She Works Down at The Snake Farm

What a busy, busy weekend in Benezette! The 50th Annual Snake Hunt at the Sinnemahoning Sportsmen’s Club was going on all weekend long so we checked that out on Saturday. Then, we headed over to the Elk Country Visitor Center to check out the arts & craft festival.

Then it was back to the cabin for official cabin business. For me, that’s finishing touches. I’ve gotten most of the art on the walls, made the beds and started putting away the pots and pans and dishes!

Living Room


Kitchen & Bath

The husband has been fighting with digging the final power line for the sewer system. Two weeks ago he busted the scoop off of the bracket that holds it to the skid steer. He got that welded back on but now the hydraulics are acting up. He finally broke down and rented a little Ditch Witch (which, come on, how fun is that to say!) and got it dug and the lines run. We’ll see if she powers up this weekend.

It’s almost rental time folks! If you haven’t yet, join our mailing list so you’re in the know!

Finally – we saw quite a bit of wildlife on our escapades.

Uptown Down Home American Kids

We celebrated Memorial Day as we’d like to celebrate EVERY holiday – In the Sticks – also known as Benezette.

The coming weeks are focused on details. We brought the refrigerator, microwave and dining room table with us to get the kitchen and dining area close to finished. The stove was delivered this week. Once that’s in place, a few decorations to go on the wall and those two areas can be checked off the list!

I love this dining room table. We’re one of those families that eats all meals at the table, so this was an important feature for me. The MIL helped me put the chairs together, which took approximately a million hours. (I assure you they’re sturdy, I sat on each one to check our work!)

The bathroom is also just a few details away from being marked complete. I was a hand towel hook short, so we picked that up to go on the wall by the light switches. Check out the towel hooks – they’re sticks! Get it! In the Sticks (Cabins)?!

The husband’s family was in town too, so we took some time to relax by the fire. We made s’mores for the first time in ages. We’re Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of chocolate bars in our s’mores people. MMMM. They were so good!

The husband and FIL built an awesome fire even with wet-ish wood!

And of course, no trip to the cabin would be complete without a few elk sightings. These three hung out most of the weekend! Isn’t it interesting how two of them are still so fuzzy and one is not? According to Idaho Public Television: Twice a year, elk shed every hair on their body. Their spring shedding is noticeable because old winter hair dangles like long shaggy beards from their necks and sides. By July their winter coat is completely replaced by their summer coat. This coat has just one layer of hair.

Man on The Moon

The full flower blue moon was beautiful in Benezette!

This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL in Benezette! Our sweet rental cabin is coming along so nicely inside that we were able to spend some much needed time out doors!

I even got that great shot of the Saturday night full moon! It was a blue moon, which, doesn’t mean it looks blue. Instead that means it’s the second full moon in a month. Fun Fact!

The husband pushed around quite a bit of dirt so that I could get grass seed planted. There was rain in the forecast for Sunday, so the timing seemed perfect. I hope it took before the birds could eat it!

We also got the side lights up on the porch and hung the cool elk welcome sign that my sister-in-law got us.

Who doesn’t want to sit on this porch!?

We got the bathroom door hung and I started stocking the kitchen! Yay!

And then – we went looking for elk! We didn’t have to go far – they were just around the corner!

The long weekend has some furniture and heating/cooling system installation on the agenda. Plus, I think the bathroom will be finished (I was going to say move-in-ready, but that’s weird for a bathroom, right?), which means we can cross it off the list!

Be safe out there folks!

Wooly Bully

So much wildlife in Benezette!

Mother’s Day weekend was busy in Benezette! The weather cooperated on Saturday, which let me spend more time outside. The grass needed mowed and the husband was able to move some dirt around. The forecast for Sunday though, was RAIN.

We started the morning on Saturday with a drive around the neighborhood and found this bull hanging out! That’s a good sign for elk viewing this summer!

We also took a drive around Benezette on Saturday night and found some of the Grant Bulls hanging out.

On Sunday, the husband worked on getting the water system working. We need to use a pressure tank, which is new for him. Plumbing is also not his thing, but he’s doing great!

Because the sewer isn’t turned on yet, we can’t let the water run down the drain. We’re being extra cautious with the amount of water we use. But! We did get some water to the kitchen sink!

Let There Be Water!

Lastly – There’s been rumors going around the neighborhood about some bears in the area. Sure enough, the in-laws caught some on their game camera!

Toad Update – Here are our tadpoles.

This week we’ve been shopping for appliances and furniture. We’ve got some deliveries scheduled for next week! Wait until you see the couch we found!

Walk on the Ocean

When you decide to build a cabin in Benezette, you might forget that there’s work to be done on the outside too.

We’ve got quite a bit of landscaping that needs to be done. And by landscaping, I mean pushing around a lot of dirt that appeared when the husband dug the sewer and water lines. Additionally, things like planting grass seed after said dirt has been pushed around and maybe even an elk resistant posy or two, are on the agenda.

While the husband set to work on fencing new apple trees, I was in charge of burning some trees we’d previously knocked down.

Benezette Landscaping
I wish I had taken a picture of these getting knocked down!

While I was hauling limbs, I glanced in the puddle where the roots to this tree had previously been. And I saw something gross.

See that trail of what might be intestines, or poo or I’m not sure what else, but it looks really gross? That’s Eastern American Toad eggs. And you’re about to get a lesson! The internet (also, fun fact, we aren’t capitalizing internet anymore. Haven’t been since 2016. I didn’t know.) tells me that they lay between 4,000 and 8,000 eggs that hatch into tadpoles in 3-12 days. That gross string of eggs could be between 20 and 60 feet long. (ew!) The tadpoles will mature into toads in 40-70 days. I’ll let you know what I find on Saturday.

Anyway. Apple trees are all installed and are really quite happy. The new guys have a few little green buds peeking through, the trees we planned last spring look great and the ones from the year before that are very happy!

There’s more rain in the forecast this weekend, so it’s unlikely the dirt pushing and grass planting will happen! Stay tuned!