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This weekend they were calling for QUITE a bit of snow in Benezette. In fact, our special guest this week, the MIL, almost didn’t come because she was afraid we’d get snowed in! That said – come heck or 18″ of snow – I would be putting paint on the walls in this cabin!

We’d already painted the ceilings in both bedrooms and the bathroom had primer on the walls and a coat of white on the ceiling (thank you husband). So the MIL and I just had some walls to slap paint on. I woke up early on Saturday and the MIL had discovered a herd of elk next door. Outside, in my jammies, with no coffee, I went.

Well, good morning….everybody!

After I got some coffee, breakfast and not plaid, flannel pants on – I headed back outside. The elk were still there! I don’t think I spooked them, but I did slip and yell and roughly about the same time, they all took off in the opposite direction.

Ok, bye elk!

The MIL volunteered to cut in the wall color, and I was super glad for that. Patience, not my thing. But as luck would have it, she was too short even standing on the work platform. Turns out, patience AND cutting in paint with no tape are not my thing. I got better as the coats went on, but the husband did a good bit of cleaning up after me.

The paint dried pretty quickly so we were able to get two coats finished in the bedrooms as the snow really started to fall Saturday evening. The walk back to the camper, in the dark, with the fresh, beautiful, shimmery (slippery, cold, dangerous) snow was treacherous. The MIL let me lead the way, since I (theoretically) know the ground the best. She was wrong. I fell twice (so, on second thought, I suppose she was right to let me lead).

Just a snowy Benezette night.

On Sunday, we woke up to a beautiful, winter wonderland. But I assure you, there was NOT 18″ of snow. I was sad. I like snow. It was still super pretty, and also, super cold. I think the high was 20. The temperature dropped throughout the day. Luckily, it’s warm in the cabin! The husband tackled electrical devices in the bedrooms while I painted the bathroom.

Next week – more painting! Stay tuned!

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