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I’ll Give You My Prime Time

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You heard me right! It’s prime(r) time! The husband slaved away at finishing the drywall in both bedrooms on Saturday. Then on Sunday, he sanded it down and we were off.

(Well, after the dust settled. Seriously, I wish I had had my camera on me when I walked in there Sunday morning. The husband was covered in white drywall dust and I had to pull my shirt over my face to keep from breathing it in! At least I know what he’ll look like when his hair turns gray.)

Now that feels like progress! Shoot, the primer looks so good I’m tempted to call it done! (just kidding.)

There were SO. MANY. PEOPLE. in town this weekend. We saw a big herd (of elk, and people watching them) on Saturday afternoon, but I didn’t get a picture. I guess the warm weather on Saturday motivated everyone (people and elk) to get out and about!

Also. We saw a train when we were headed out of Benezette. I have crossed those tracks thousands of times. I’ve never seen a train there, so that was pretty cool!

P.S. – Gold star for the first person to name the band that sang the headline lyric!

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