Let’s Review the Tape

I know. You didn’t get an update on last weekend’s cabin progress. Sorry. The short week and the holiday made my schedule difficult. Here’s what you missed. The husband started finishing drywall.


Now. Onto this weekend. The husband finished more drywall. I put more poly on the interior doors. I also helped clean the drywall tools. Yuck.

Turns out that there really is an art to hanging the drywall tape and applying the right amount of mud.  Our friend (shout out to William Anderson & Co. Construction!) lent the husband a bunch of tools and we stopped at Lowe’s to pick up a few more.  One of them, a Banjo, is as much fun as it sounds!  You fill it with tape and mud to run along the seams and then smooth it out.

We had to winterize our camper, too. The low on Friday was 9 degrees. On Saturday, the high was 30. I assume it was too cold for the wild life to go out as we only had a lone deer stop by to say hello.


But wait! On our way out of Benezette on Sunday afternoon, we ran into quite a herd of elk!  They’re so fluffy and dark already with their winter coats!


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