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Ohhhhh Baby…

Step one – we made more progress with more polyurethane this weekend.  We got multiple coats on the interior doors.  They look great now, so I think they’re going to be awesome when they’re hung.

The husband added some steps to the porches and got some additional outside electrical work done.  It poured buckets most of Saturday, so the ground was too wet to fire up the skid steer. Leveling out some dirt piles is on the to-do list now.

There were some elk across the street when we arrived in Benezette on Friday afternoon.  I’m surprised to still see bulls running with a small harem, especially with elk hunting season beginning tomorrow.  Oh!  Also, I put a cute little pumpkin on the porch.  We’re festive at In The Sticks Cabins!

Have a good week and don’t forget to get out there and vote on Tuesday!

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