Her Name was Polly Anne…

Or polyurethane.

I was able to get to The Sapling early on Friday (we’re talking 2pm, folks.  I don’t do early.) and finally get the grass mowed ahead of the rain that poured on the North East.  The goal was to finish up the poly work – so the middle sister and I watched Penn State football on her cell phone and got down to business.  Damp and polyurethane aren’t the best of friends.  Nor are the propane heater we’ve been using and the fumes.  So it was a little cold, a little damp (windows had to be opened.  We were getting light headed.) but we got it done.

The husband moved the electric service entrance to the top of roof in preparation for the transformer installation next week.  (Yeah, the electric company has to install a new transformer on the pole before we can have electric. Sigh.)

We only saw deer in the yard this weekend, but as we were headed out of town we saw quite a few elk!


Sounds like help for the drywall is scheduled for this weekend!  So be on the lookout for some cabin pictures this weekend.  Happy Halloween!

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