Another Board on the Wall…

This weekend started off on Friday with a dry wall delivery.  A ridiculous number of sheets of sheet rock were hauled into The Sapling.  I was not involved.  Thanks husband!

I’d spoken with several people early in the week, letting them know that we’d be hanging drywall this weekend.  You know, in the event that anyone wanted to help, hint, hint.  No one was interested.  However – the husband already had a plan to get himself the kind of helper he likes.  One who is quiet and does his job – a drywall lift!

This seemed to make quick (I’m really using that word loosely, as I have no idea how long these things should really take.) work of getting the ceilings and walls covered.

While this was going on, I was staining wood for the walls.  I’ve never stained before, so there was some trial and error.  There were also some terrifying hand prints and a few ripped gloves that resulted in some stained up fingers.  These will run the long way across the rooms up to about chair rail height and I’m stoked about how the color came out.

Of course there must have been a monsoon at some point through the week, because the ground outside was super soggy.  It did however create some neat mushrooms.  It also rained both Saturday and Sunday.  We’re all over the rain now, right?


And lastly – there were quite a few elk in Benezette this weekend.  The only picture I snagged was from a moving vehicle, so it’s not great.  They’re still bugling away and while the rut technically lasts through mid-October, I’ve not experienced this much activity into October.  I have to believe that this weird weather we’ve been having is confusing their hormones.

I did find some good pictures on the game camera from the past 2 weeks.  If you haven’t already, check out our Facebook page to see them!

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