We Are…

This weekend was a blur of activity! The husband headed to Benezette on Friday night, right through the Penn State/Ohio State traffic. His journey ended up better than that game. (Listen. I’m no football super star but seriously coach, what was the plan with that last play?)

I was home to chauffeur the kid to multiple activities and for my work picnic.

The major task at In The Sticks Cabins was ceiling insulation. When the little sister and I tackled insulation a few weeks back, we were not ambitious enough to hang it above our heads.

It’s looking extra warm in here! This cabin will be great for winter use with all of that insulation!

The Husband was also able to get the last of the plumbing lines installed. That spring water will be flowing through those pipes soon enough!

This week we have drywall being delivered on Friday and it looks like it’ll be another dry weekend (knock on wood).

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