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So – The husband spent last week in Benezette getting the cabin ready for visitors.  He had his rented mini excavator and a plan to get the sewer system installed.  Yay for sewer!

Unfortunately, mother nature had a different plan.  Previously dug deep trenches had already collapsed in on themselves from all of the rain we’ve had this year.  The basically non-stop rain we experienced last week helped matters, like, zero percent.  Every where he dug just collapsed in more and more.  He told me it was like digging the new Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (coincidentally, it’s only an hour and half drive from Benezette)!  The big pump helped to evacuate some of the water but not the super damp soil.

So, he filled those in and started fresh(ish).  Progress went much more smoothly from then on.  And then!  This weekend!  That big yellow ball that lives in the sky returned!  And the trenching was a success!

It did however result in a pile of dirt I’m affectionately calling, Mount Sewer System.


While the digging was going on, I went to town to pick up the last of the supplies we’d ordered to finish the siding.  They ordered the wrong thing.  So, back I came to tackle the grounding rods.  For those of you not familiar, grounding rods are eight foot long copper rods that must be pounded the whole way into the ground and attached to the main electrical system.  You read that right, pounded the whole way into the ground.  Regardless of being located at the top of a mountain.  Regardless of millions of slate veins running through the ground.  Pounded into the ground.  This was my job.  And I NAILED it! (But didn’t get a picture, so just take my word for it.)

With the interior plumbing installed and the electrical lines all run – we’re about ready for drywall folks!  The husband is staying yet another week to finish up the things that need inspected (sewer and electric).  Hopefully next weeks picture updates will be more exciting.

In the meantime – check out these pictures of elk from last week and this weekend.

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