Some People Walk in the Rain

When it rains in Benezette, you keep on chugging!

We? Keep working like it ain’t no thang.  Saturday evening after we’d picked up our supplies and got back to Benezette, the husband went to work on hanging shutters on two sides of the cabin.  That morning he’d gotten the lock sets installed on the doors.  We got one of those fancy keypads for the front door.  My guess is people will hate it and use the side door instead.  Figures.

Let’s just talk about those doors for a minute, shall we?  Imagine all of the elk you’re going to see from all of that window!  I get excited just thinking about it! (Curtains are another issue.)

While he worked on shutters, I put together a new-to-us work light.  (Thanks JR!) It went together pretty easily, and man is it bright (and also stupid hot, someone could burn their fingerprints off)!


On Sunday before I left, the husband started on the front siding.  He got one side done and the shutters hung and I.  Love.  IT! (you do too, right?)

I headed home around 3.  The husband was using the rainy day to finish up some odds and ends inside, including running the last bit of electrical wire and some pipes.


He’s staying all week to finish up the outside and get the sewer system installed. The mini excavator is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, he’ll have to drain the lakes that formed in all of the trenches (again) before he can get started.  Hopefully he’ll be sending me some pictures each day.  I’ll keep you posted!


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