The Pursuit of Light, Warmth & Elk

The boys are back in town!  We didn’t want to bring it up, but we haven’t seen any elk at In The Sticks Cabins since my post about early bugling.  We were concerned they had packed their bags and moved on.  In fact, all of the neighbors were also worried that we might never wake up to an elk in the front yard again.  Well!  We don’t have to suffer that fate!  Saturday morning I sat up in bed, looked out the window and BAM! there were a few cows (these are female elk, you know that right?) in the yard.  The husband looked out the side window and a few more were strolling our way.  YES!  Contented that the elk were home, I think I fell back to sleep for a few minutes.  When I next looked out the window there was a BIG bull (male elk) scratching his antlers in the tree beside The Sapling!  I threw on long sleeves and flip flops and flew out the door with the camera in my hand.  These pictures aren’t my best work, but in fairness, I was in my jammies with no coffee in my system and I don’t think I’d even wiped the sleep from my eyes.

I ran through the yard to catch him out front.  He stared me down, so I figured I had worn out my welcome and retreated to the porch.  He walked the whole way down the property line and stood across from me AND BUGLED AT ME!!!  I was jumping up and down like a 4 year old in line to see Santa!  So – that’s how this weekend started for me.

Down to business.  The husband had gotten all of the can lights installed on the front porch on Friday.  Saturday, once the siding, soffit and fascia arrived he got out his brake (this is a neato tool for bending medal for those of you who aren’t in the know) and started putting up the soffit and starter strips for the siding.  Then the fascia around the building and on the porch.

He also found the radio, finally, and brought it along so I could sing and dance while he worked.  That didn’t turn out to be true as I had to finish up the insulation that the little sister and I started last weekend.  It’s a much slower job with just one person, plus, I really shouldn’t be given a task that involves a sharp knife and precision.  That’s not my thing.  With the exception of a few studs that need additional electrical work, the outside walls are fully insulated.  The elk returned Saturday evening to check out the husband’s handiwork.

On Sunday, siding the back of the cabin was the focus.

Next weekend the doors and windows are scheduled to arrive.  The husband is also hoping to get the digger again so he can get the sewer system installed.

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