We’ve Got the Power!

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Ok, ok, more correctly, we’ve got the electrical lines run – but that’s not as catchy.  We had a special guest helper this weekend, the little sister, who normally spends her time being crafty over at A Modern Cinderella.

While the husband worked on more house wrap and installing the electric panel and the meter box, the little sister and I ran the wires for the outlets.  Then we hung insulation on the outside walls of the bedrooms and started on the living room.

Perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was determining where the overhead lights will go.  This required many mock runs of being a first time visitor to In The Sticks Cabins and trying to determine where we would expect the lights to be when we walked into the cabin.  It also required that we pretend to know where furniture would be placed.  Good times.

Lastly, we determined the layout of the kitchen and started installing electrical boxes there.  The siding is scheduled to be delivered this week, and windows and doors next week!  Whew.


We didn’t see any elk at In The Sticks Cabins this weekend.  We talked to a lot of people in Benezette who said the bulls are shedding their velvet now, so we suspect most of the elk are laying low.  With the rut just around the corner, I hope to be able to share some elk pictures soon too!

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