It’s The Most Wonderful Time…

…of the year!!!  Ok, maybe second most wonderful.  It’s a toss up, between this and Christmas (oh, and probably Halloween!  I love Halloween!).  The Pennsylvania Elk Camera is LIVE!!!  This means that when I’m not in Benezette, I can still see and hear the bulls that are near In The Sticks Cabins!  Thank goodness for unlimited data plans on cell phones.  I will be streaming this basically non-stop while I’m not there.

In cabin news, the husband had to make the long trip to Dubois today.  There is so much water in the ditches that he needed a pump to get it all out.  He said they were pretty much sold out, so he had to buy the big one.  I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds efficient.

Also, his toy for the week arrived.  Not nearly as nice as the last one (it doesn’t have a radio in it), but it looks like it’ll dig.