I’m on a Boat!

We’ve got more than just elk viewing!

Well, I was. On Saturday morning-ish. The husband and I have not been putting our kayaks to good use in the past 5-9 years (roughly). So, with great weather in the forecast, we decided to take a tour of the Bennett’s Branch of the Sinnemahonig Creek.

I originally wanted to start behind the Benezette store and head to the bridge by the Driftwood Saloon. The husband and I thought this was a great idea. However, my sister-in-law (SIL) and the little niece decided they were going to join us. They were hesitant about such a long trip. Upon further research, we realized it was a 9 hour paddle. So, we took a shorter trip.

Less than 10 minutes into our trip, we saw a small elk herd on the side of the creek. Imagine our excitement to see a bull with non-typical antler growth. This guy’s antlers grew straight out! I’ve heard of him (Bullwinkle) and a bull that is supposedly his father (Handlebars).

Some online research tells me that Non-typical antler growth can be caused by genetics, hormone levels or injury – so the thought that this guy is the progeny of another straight out antlers bull isn’t out of the question!

On Friday night while we were out for an evening cruise, a bear ran across the road in front of us, and right up an apple tree. We were shocked to see him there again on Saturday night. This time, he had a friend (a raccoon)!

To round out our weekend full of wildlife – we had a nice little elk crew in the yard on Sunday morning. It was a great weekend and they’re just going to keep getting better. I’m certain I heard two bugles (the husband says not), and with Elk Expo coming up this weekend, that means it’s almost Fall, ya’ll!

Wooly Bully

So much wildlife in Benezette!

Mother’s Day weekend was busy in Benezette! The weather cooperated on Saturday, which let me spend more time outside. The grass needed mowed and the husband was able to move some dirt around. The forecast for Sunday though, was RAIN.

We started the morning on Saturday with a drive around the neighborhood and found this bull hanging out! That’s a good sign for elk viewing this summer!

We also took a drive around Benezette on Saturday night and found some of the Grant Bulls hanging out.

On Sunday, the husband worked on getting the water system working. We need to use a pressure tank, which is new for him. Plumbing is also not his thing, but he’s doing great!

Because the sewer isn’t turned on yet, we can’t let the water run down the drain. We’re being extra cautious with the amount of water we use. But! We did get some water to the kitchen sink!

Let There Be Water!

Lastly – There’s been rumors going around the neighborhood about some bears in the area. Sure enough, the in-laws caught some on their game camera!

Toad Update – Here are our tadpoles.

This week we’ve been shopping for appliances and furniture. We’ve got some deliveries scheduled for next week! Wait until you see the couch we found!