Getting to In The Sticks

The Sapling is located at 360 Buck Drive, Benezette, PA 15821. The Branch is next door at 338 Buck Drive. Apple maps and Google maps both provide great directions, however they often get the last turn wrong. When you are coming up Winslow Hill Road, the Elk Country Visitor Center will be on your right. Take the FIRST left turn after that, onto Bear Road and then turn right onto Buck Drive. From there, you’ll be all set. Many of the old style dash mount GPS units will get you to us, but they take a route that is a little longer than needed to keep you off of back roads.

Getting to The Willow is easy. Punch 4173 River Road, Weedville, PA 15868 into your GPS and you’ll get there.

Cell phone service will be non-existent towards the end of your trip, as will gas stations. Please be sure to stop and fill up if you see a gas station!