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We’re big believers that a vacation, getaway, weekend trip, whatever you want to call it, should be easy. Grab a few people you like, throw some clothes in a bag, some food in the cooler and off you go. (Jeremy will laugh his head off when he reads that. While we may believe that, he knows that I can’t roll like that. I’ve got lists of food to pack, clothes to pack, sites to see, things not to forget. But I’m working on that. One day.) And so we built and outfitted our Benezette rental cabins to support that idea of an easy escape from the day to day.

When you arrive at The Sapling, The Branch or The Willow you’ll begin to see what “fully equipped” means. The spacious driveways have room for at least 4 cars or a trailer so you can bring your ATVs, UTVs or snowmobiles (or race car if you’re like Nicholas Racing and haul it around with you.) at all three of our properties.

At The Sapling & The Branch, we’ve installed wide ramps that make access to the front doors of each of these cabins super easy (shout out to The Accessible Hunter for this suggestion)! We do want to make it clear that not all of the door ways are wide enough for wheelchair access (specifically, the bathroom). You’ll also find 4 chairs on the porch at each of these properties.

Once you’re inside your cabin you will find the usual furniture including
A dining table & chairs
A couch, side tables, conversation chairs & some throw blankets

But as with a good outfit, it’s the accessories that make “fully equipped” a thing.

In the kitchens of each of our cabins, you’ll find:
Cookware (a large pot, small pot & at least 2 frying pans)
Serving & Prep Supplies (platters, mixing/serving bowls, a baking sheet, a pizza pan, cutting boards, measuring cups [dry & wet], measuring spoons, serving/cooking spoons, a can opener, wine bottle opener, pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, colander, tongs, a whisk, ladle and a flipper)
Silverware (including steak knives & prep knives)
Dishes including: (Thanks to Dena for giving us her mother’s collection of Pfaltzgraff, The Village pattern. We love it so much, we [and our friends & family for us] have started collecting it [at reasonable prices] and you’ll now find it in all of our cabins.)
Dinner Plates
Drinking Glasses
Wine Glasses
Coffee Mugs

We’ve included a full size coffee pot, toaster, microwave and marshmallow roasting sticks because we believe these are kitchen essentials.

New for 2023, you’ll find a sample size of Bugling Brew Coffee from the Benezette Coffee Company, from Elk Life in all of our vacation cabins. This is their number one selling coffee flavor, we love it and hope you will too!

Lastly, you’ll find a roll of paper towels (and a roll of unpaper towels, you choose what to use), pot holders, dish drying mat, hand towels, dish cloths, sponges (in a tip out drawer thanks to Judy & Donny), dish soap & hand soap.
I should mention the junk drawer. You’ll find one in each cabin in the kitchen. I can’t speak to what you’ll find in them. I’ve seen pens, paper, batteries, nightlights, can coozies, letter openers, ping pong balls, charging cables and other junk drawer appropriate things.

In the kitchen we do not supply, but you may find:
Spices including Salt & Pepper (I’m pretty sure there’s at least 10 salt & pepper shakers in The Sapling.)
Cooking Spray, Cooking Oil
Coffee Filters (filters is another things folks tend to leave behind)
Drinking Water (in The Sapling & The Branch only. We’ve tried to fix it. It can’t be done. Please don’t hate on us for the things that were done to our land before it was our land.)

In the bathrooms we’ve stocked you up with:
Septic Safe Toilet paper (generally 2 rolls, but based on length of stay)
Bath Towels
Wash Cloths
Hand Towels
Washable Make Up Remover Cloths (please use these, make up and moisturizers are hard on our towels & sheets!)
A Bathmat
Hand soap
A Plunger (Thank George & Judy for that suggestion. They swear they didn’t need one, just thought it’d be a good addition!)

The bathroom of The Sapling

You may find, but we don’t supply, shampoo, conditioner, body soap or toothpaste.

All of our beds are made with sheets, quilts, pillow cases and pillow shams that are laundered between guests. You’ll find at least one extra blanket in each bedroom.

Lastly, at all of our properties, you’ll find a rockio (you know, a patio made of rocks) with a fire ring. We supply a starter rack of fire wood for use during your stay. There are chairs on each porch that can be taken to the fire pits, 6 plastic ones at The Willow, 4 metal ones on the porches at The Branch & The Sapling (and a bench already at the fire pit at those 2 locations).

You bring clothes, food and basic toiletries. We’ve taken care of the rest. If you’re ready for some Elk, Cabins & Campfires, click here to make your reservation!

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