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We’ve been promising ourselves that when the cabin was rented, we’d take some time to go do tourist stuff outside of Benezette. I’m perfectly happy sitting on the front porch (which is why The Sapling has such a great porch!) and enjoying the quiet. But, we’ll expand our horizons so we can share the best experiences with you! (You’re welcome!)

Saturday we headed to the Kinzua Bridge to check out the power of mother nature and the reported, stunning views. The bridge was partially destroyed in an F1 tornado in 2003, but a section was turned into a skywalk in 2011. It’s 301 feet high and extends 600 feet out into the valley. The train tracks remain in the center of the skywalk until the very end.

The husband had no fear and walked on the track and looked down to the bottom of the valley. At the end of the walk, they’ve installed glass blocks so you can look straight down (yeah, no thanks). The husband held my hand so I could stand on the glass and look down (again, you’re welcome, I really took one for the team there).

There are several different hiking trails with varying difficultly. It was crowded (and surprisingly hot) so we will go back to check out the trails another time! We highly recommend the trip!

We also headed down some dirt roads to check out Shagger’s Inn pond (although, turns out it’s a shallow water impound [fancy!] and not a pond). It’s a nesting site for Osprey, but it’s the wrong time of year. It’s only about a 20 minute drive so we may take the kayaks out there to explore more.

Until next time – we hope you’ll come stay in Benezette and check out the surrounding areas soon!

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