The Hickory Nut

New for Fall 2022, our primitive cabin, The Hickory Nut, includes almost everything you love about In The Sticks Cabins vacation rentals. It’s the perfect add on if you’re staying at The Willow and need a little more space, or a perfect base camp for an adventuresome pair.

Located in Weedville, just 10 minutes from Benezette, the only thing missing is indoor plumbing. You’ll find the included (only for guests who are not also staying at The Willow) lined, bio-gelled, luggable loo to be clean, private, and easy to use.

You’ll also need to be prepared to walk to your cabin (it’s about 25 yards from the parking area). There’s a wagon under the dining table to help you haul in your gear!

The Hickory Nut includes a full sized bed with all linens. The kitchenette has 2 mugs, 2 glasses and various plates, bowls and silverware. There’s also a mini fridge (but no freezer), microwave, coffee maker and a foot pedal activated camp sink. We fill the 6 gallon holding tank prior to your arrival and the gray water tank holds what you use. You will need to bring drinking water and water if you’ll need more than 6 gallons. (Again, only for guests not also staying at The Willow.)

A love seat, TV with DVD player (and DVDs), and a small dining table and chairs round out the necessities in The Hickory Nut. If you’re looking to really kick it in the sticks, the Hickory Nut is for you! Click here to make your reservation now!

Located just steps from the fire pit at The Willow, The Hickory Nut is the perfect add on for large groups offering another bedroom or simply a place to hang out.

Please note there is no smoking or pets permitted at any In The Sticks Cabins property.