• Running On

    Running On

    Building The Branch in 2021 was a challenge, to say the least. Originally meant to be our second Benezette cabin, we always pictured building it immediately following the launch of The Sapling. But then, 2020. We were shut down from March to May, basically, and so we needed to watch our expenses closely. That meant… Read more

  • Fast as a Whiskey Shot, Everything Changed

    Fast as a Whiskey Shot, Everything Changed

    Back in mid-2020 we had it all figured out. (Ok, fine, we had the semblance of a plan.) That plan was that we’d both quit our full time jobs to finish construction of The Branch (ugh, building a house in 2021) and look into other opportunities to serve visitors to Elk County. Jeremy gave his… Read more

  • She’s Got It All

    She’s Got It All

    We’re big believers that a vacation, getaway, weekend trip, whatever you want to call it, should be easy. Grab a few people you like, throw some clothes in a bag, some food in the cooler and off you go. (Jeremy will laugh his head off when he reads that. While we may believe that, he… Read more

  • So Let’s Get to The Point

    So Let’s Get to The Point

    How has it been more than 3 years since I’ve written a blog post? Oh! I know! We’ve had a global pandemic, renovated a 4 bedroom farmhouse in Weedville that was originally built in 1864 (with a random school bus abandoned in the woods), and built a new 2 bedroom cabin in Benezette (that we… Read more

  • Young


    We’ve been promising ourselves that when the cabin was rented, we’d take some time to go do tourist stuff outside of Benezette. I’m perfectly happy sitting on the front porch (which is why The Sapling has such a great porch!) and enjoying the quiet. But, we’ll expand our horizons so we can share the best… Read more

  • I’m on a Boat!

    I’m on a Boat!

    We’ve got more than just elk viewing! Read more