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Drywall.  Drywall.  Drywall.  Seriously folks, it is not easy work getting all of this on the walls.  Luckily, that wasn’t my assignment.  Our finishers weren’t able to make it, but the husband did get the pretty purple stuff hung in the bathroom.  The electrical panel is wired up and pretty too.  I was in charge of varnishing the trim wood.  Did you know there’s a difference between shellac, polyurethane and varnish?  Me neither.  I googled it to ensure I used an appropriate term.


In non-cabin related news, the leaves, they are a changing.  We have mainly pine trees, but a little Sunset Maple who is looking very fall like.


Of course, since my new lens for the camera came in, there were no elk to be seen all weekend.  Luckily, I checked out the field in town before I headed out of Benezette.  Pay Dirt!

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