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You guys – you’re a few days behind – so you’re gonna get a few posts this week so I can catch you up!  The mobile posts were a battery killer, and I didn’t get the chance to size the images before I uploaded those.  So, special-requester-guy, you might not be getting your live blog posts on a regular basis!

After the roof was raised (read:  shingled) on Friday, we spent some time inside measuring and framing rooms.  The bathtub was the guide for that room, and then bed measurements drove the other two rooms.


Then we cut out the windows and another door and started putting boards on the porch (my favorite)!  I’m using “we” very loosely here.  There weren’t a lot of jobs that I’m qualified for.  The husband did see fit to give me a drill with a boring bit on it and send me off to drill holes to run electrical wire through.  I did a gooood job with that!

Before we headed home, the husband tried out the front porch to make sure it worked and then started wrapping The Sapling up tight!

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