The Good & The Bad

We are making fast progress during the early building stages here in Benezette folks!  The husband and our friend William from William Anderson Construction were on a roll this weekend!

The Bad.

Turns out that the 6 to 10 foot deep trenches we dug to lay sewer line are very good at holding water.  The husband decided that we’re not going to talk about that problem for the time being.  (The slightly good news:  He gets to play with that mini excavator again, I think!)

The Good. 

These boys can MOVE!  They laid insulation board and framed the floors on Friday before I made it there.  When it started to rain, they headed to Dubois for supplies and were working with headlamps on their heads and truck headlights illuminating the foundation when I arrived around 9:15pm.


After breakfast on Saturday, things really got moving!

And on Sunday – In The Sticks Cabins really had the start of a cabin in Benezette!


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